Frequent Asked Questions

Where did Salters Worship Camp come from?
Salters Worship Camp is birth from Salters Christian Music, which is a Christian Music Production Company, which produces Christian Music, in addition to offering lessons through the music school. The company desired to do an event to mentor youth and train them on the essential elements of worship.

Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, Salter's Worship Camp is for any youth who would like a personal encounter with God through worship.

Are there activities/workshops for parents and adults?
Yes, Salter's Worship Camp now offers free sessions and workshops for parents, adults, Pastors, and youth leaders who would like to enhance their personal relationship with God. 

Is this event really free?
Yes, both youth and adults can attend this event free of charge. Because we believe in seed sowing in ministry, during the event we raise a free will offering to help support the event and the support the efforts of the host church. 

If this event is free, why do I need to register?
Due to the limited seating in the church auditorium, we ask everyone to register so we can adequately prepare for all the attendees who will be a part of the camp experience. Also we want to know how to best place everyone in groups throughout the event.

How can the Salters Worship Camp make this free event available?
Salters Worship Camp relies on the generous contributions of our community partners. With the help of in-kind donations and financial contributions from companies, business and personal donors; we are able to help serve the youth without any financial worries. 

Was this event always free?
No. When the camp started in 2002, students paid a registration cost of $320 to attend our camp. Due to the needs of many youth who wanted to attend, Salters Christian Music removed the financial burden from these families so they can receive all that camp has to offer them.

Can anyone be a sponsor?
Yes! Salters Worship Camp is always looking for sponsors to help us do bigger and better youth worship camps throughout the world. Please view our sponsorship page for more details. 

Are my donations tax deductible?
No, Salter's Worship Camp is not a “Not-For Profit”, All donors and contributors will be highlighted at our events and get free advertisement on all our promotional materials. Salters Worship Camp is in the process of obtaining a Not For Profit status for the ministry.

Does Salter's Worship Camp provide meals for attendees?
No, All attendees must provide their own meals, hotel accommodations & transportation. Salters Worship Camp only provides the event and worship experience, please see schedule for this event. 
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