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FREE WORSHIP EVENTS for our Next Generation of Worshippers. Your Gift of Any Amount will help us to provide FREE EVENTS. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!
To educate and expose the next generation to the heart of God through Worship.

Salters Worship Camp (formally named Youth Music Camp) was started by Elder Nathan Salter in 2002, with the purpose of helping a young musicians tap into the worshipper on the inside of them through teaching and training. 

The camp began to grow each year as young students came to experience God's presence in supernatural ways. After several years of this program, it became very evident that the most unique aspect of this camp surrounded around the impact of how many youth experienced spiritual growth each year.  Many of the students who attended camp in its infancy stages are now Worship Leaders, Recording Artist, and mentoring others. 

Our camp signature became known for its impact on the intense worship experience, which led the founder to change the name from Youth Music Camp to Salters Worship Camp. As the Camp grew, we noticed how many adults would inquire about having a program that they could experience. In 2009 we formed a 5 day, 4 night get-a-way for adults and youth. During these 5 days everyone who attended experienced a life changing encounter with God. 

For years other ministries would ask the founder to bring this worship camp to their cities, and regions. The request came because ministry leaders wanted their youth to share the same experience that has been transforming the Western New York region for several years.

In 2013, Elder Nathan Salter being led by God followed his heart to move the camp around to different cities in the world. His passion is the inspiration that leads the charge to help this next generation of youth and adults experience life changing worship and teaching. Moving the camp around to various parts of the world allows us to partner with diverse ministries that have the same mission of building and training youth. Our camp is now designed to start on Wednesday evening and concluded on Saturday morning. This new direction is moving in faith by opening up FREE REGISTRATION to all in the area of the selected city. From the words of Elder Nathan Salter "Offering this event free of charge provides a unique opportunity for us to trust God with sponsors and financial contributors; that will help support the mission of exposing and training youth and adults to experience Gods presence in a way they have never seen."

This year we are anticipating serving hundreds of youth and adults. We are encouraging our ministry partners to take advantage of the free registration and enjoy this amazing event coming to your city soon.  

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